COVID-19 Pandemic Policy

COVID-19 Pandemic Policy

COVID 19 Pandemic Policy

EKME has adopted and implemented all state directives stemming from the relevant legislative acts from the administrative government bodies and agencies to confront the spread of Covid-19 (

Furthermore, the Company has taken the initiative as to safeguard the virus-free condition of the workplace.

  • Subcontractors within EKME Premises are given dedicated areas for Storage, Offices, Resting & WC in order to minimize close contact with Company Staff.
  • Preventive disinfection of communal areas (offices / changing rooms / dining room) is being carried out by a Dedicated Contractor every 20 days.
  • For close-contacts of Covid - 19 confirmed cases, EKME reserves the right to request more Laboratory Testing (PCR /RT Antigen) than those prescribed in EODY health Protocol in effect at that particular time, regardless of Vaccination / Recovery Status of the contact.
  • Return to work for Covid -19 confirmed cases is permitted only after negative PCR test results and assent from EODY.
  • EKME reserves the right to request Laboratory Covid-19 Tests (PCR / RT Antigen) from all Company Staff and also upon judgement to staff and 3rd parties / visitors that show suspicious symptoms.
  • New personnel and Subcontractor personnel entering EKME Facilities for 1st time will be required to demonstrate negative PCR Test, dated maximum 72 hours before arrival at EKME premises in order to gain access. Complementary to the above, personnel in possession of Vaccination Certificate / Certificate of Recovery shall present the documents to EKME.

EKME would like to inform its dear visitors about the relevant precautionary measures put in place for Safety considerations:

  • Visitors outside of the Greek State will have to comply with all relevant travel restrictions as they are declared by the relevant State Agencies (EODY, Civil Protection etc) before arrival at EKME premises. Visitors will be required to regularly check and be fully aware of the aforementioned restrictions before visiting EKME’s Premises. EKME reserves the right to evaluate compliance and request evidence in order to grant access in Company’s Premises
  • Visitors will have to demonstrate valid EU Green Pass (Vaccination Certificate / Certificate of Recovery / PCR dated 72 hours before arrival / RT Antigen dated 48 hours before arrival) in order to be granted access into EKME Premises
  • All entrants will undertake daily temperature checks at the entrance gate of EKME premises.
  • The use of surgical mask is mandatory inside the premises, at all times.

EKME's COVID-19 Management Plan is available below: