The Power / Energy Industry covers a wide range of fields, from large-scale plants such as Thermal (Coal / Fuel / Gas –fired), Hydroelectrical and Co-Generation plants, to Renewable Sources applications such as Wind Energy, Solar and Hybrid Systems. EKME has a long history of servicing the Power Industry, which is second to only Oil & Gas in the frame of the company’s experience extent. From new plant field erection, to modification projects, to Shut-Down maintenance services, EKME’s top quality and commitment are ever present as the hallmarks of the company.

Examples of Power related projects include:

  • Co-Generation plant construction. 
  • CHP plant construction. 
  • Mechanical Erection of Thermal plants. 
  • Prefabrication of Steel Parts, Heavy Wall & Alloy Piping. 
  • Supply of Wind Turbine Towers and Foundations. 
  • Mechanical installation in Hydro Plants. 
  • Fabrication & Installation of Silos & Tanks. 
  • Fabrication & Installation of Pressure Vessels. 
  • Fabrication & Installation of Heat Exchangers including H.P. Preheaters 
  • Maintenance of Gas-Fired Power Plants.

EKME offers complete Field Installation services for Thermal, Hydroelectrical and Cogeneration plants, including EPC solutions, or specific services like Electro-Mechanical Erection and Piping Prefabrication and Installation.

Additionally, we offer Pressure Parts & Equipment supply, including High Pressure Heaters, Material Storage and Han- dling systems and a wide range of Maintenance Services.

Finally, EKME is one of the largest fabricators of Wind Turbine Towers in SE Europe with extensive experience on supplying even the largest types of conical steel Towers and Foundation sections, including internals.