Environmental awareness is continuously promoted within the company. We maintain a very high degree of recycling the production by-products and residual materials as well as the office activities waste.The company is certified to ISO 14000.

Our Main Environmental Principles are:

  • Commit the necessary resources to comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits and agreements
  • Reduce environmental risks through operating practices and emergency preparedness programs
  • Encourage and implement recycling, recovery and reuse of residual materials, as well as the reduction and prevention of emissions and releases to the environment

A Safe Workplace for the environment too

Our first priority is to remain fully compliant with the conditions of our environmental permits and with any other legal requirements that apply within our business.

At all of our work fronts (workshop and sites), we have implemented environmental management actions. These actions provide a framework for managing compliance and achieving continuous improvement.

Our main potential environmental impacts come from remaining materials (scrap), emissions to air of particulates as a result of the welding process, and generally vehicles emissions and consumables such as motor oils and tires. We monitor all of these impacts, together with energy usage and waste treatment and completely recycle and manage all waste.

Additional to the above EKME has incorporated the use of natural gas instead of diesel for the needs of operating the annealing furnace, offices heating and hot water production. Rain water is managed to irrigate plants and trees in the premises.