Supply of 32 Shop Assembled Vessels _ Polyethylene Plant PE3 - Czech Republic, Litvinov

Technip Italy SpA (Italy)

Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Supply of 8 Columns _ DUSLO Cpavok 4 _ Ammonia Unit- Sal'A plant, Slovak Republic

Technip Italy SpA (Italy) / DUSLO A.S. (Slovakia)



Design, detailed engineering, material procurement, construction, testing, CE marking, sandblasting and painting and transportation of eight (8) Columns:

  • 010-C-301 CO2 stripper with skirt template,
  • 010-C-302 CO2 absorber with skirt template,
  • 010-C-551 Purge gas absorber,
  • 010-C-552 Off-gas absorber,
  • 010-C-553 Ammonia recovery distillation column,
  • 010-C-610 Process condensate stripper,
  • 010-V-301 LP Flash Drum with skirt templates
  • 010-V-302 HP Flash Drum with skirt templates (assembled in 010-V-301 drum in one piece)
  • for the Duslo new Ammonia Unit at Sal’ A, in Slovak Republic .

41343_ 01 ROG Project_Supply of pressure vessels for TOTAL RAFFINADERIJ, Antwerpen, Belgium

Ρrosernat s.a. (France)/ TOTAL Raffinaderij (Belgium)


41257_03 Pressure Vessel C-101 & Cooler E-103 _ YETI PUROVSK project _ GAZPROMNEFT Russia


Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia

Pressure Vessel V-2103 _ KHARYAGA Phase 3 for TOTAL Exploration Production Russie


Kharyaga field, Timan-Pechora oil province, Russia

41276 Perneftegas Pererabotka, Perm, Russia _ Supply of pressure vessels & Heat Exchangers


Permneftegazpererabotka, Russia

Supply of Shop Fabricated Vessels for an open Cycle Power Plant at Hassi R Mel (Algeria) of a total power output of approx. 300MW

METKA S.A. (Greece) / Société Algérienne de Production de l’ Electricité (Algeria)



Design, material procurement, fabrication and inspection of seven (7) shop fabricated pressure vessels

1 Fuel Gas Drains Tank,

2 Service Air Receivers,

2 Instrument Air Receivers,

2 GT AUX Instrument Air Receivers

2 GT AUX Wash Drains Tanks and

2 LDO Daily Tanks

for Natural Gas / LDO Fired Open Cycle Power Plant at Hassi R’Mel (Wilaya of Lachouat) in Algeria.

Supply of quality dossier including all the necessary certificates for Algeria.

Design Code: ASME VIII Div.1 / ‘U’ Stamp

41257_03 Pressure Vessel C-101 & Cooler E-103 _ YETI PUROVSK project _ GAZPROMNEFT Russia

Ρrosernat s.a. (France) / GAZPROMNEFT (Russia)



Mechanical Calculation, Construction drawings, Material Procurement, Manufacturing, Heat treatment of drum, NDT and Hydrotest, Sandblasting and painting of 2 High Pressure Vessels

C-101_Glycol Contactor and

E-103_Lean Glycol Cooler

for YETY Purovsk Project (Gazpromneft) in Russia. Equipment certification according to ″GOST R″ and issue of ″TECHNICAL PASSPORT’

Supply of V-115N Soaker Vessel & V-112N Decocking drum with internals

Motor Oil Hellas Korinth Refineries s.a.



Mechanical calculation and drawings issue, material procurement, manufacturing, NDTs and Hydrotest, Sandblasting / Painting and transport of vessels to MOH refinery in Korinth.

V-112N Gas Decoking Separator:

Weight: 7 tns, Capacity: 24,85 m3, I.D.: 2800mm, TL-TL:2500mm

Shell Material quality: SA 516 Gr 60 _ 13/9mm

V-115N Soaker :

Weight: 33,083 tns, Capacity: 65,5 m3, I.D.: 2200mm, TL-TL:16500mm

Shell Material quality: SA 387 Gr 11 Cl2 + SA 240 Clad _ 26/22/17 + 3 mm

Supply of 24 Pressure Vessels for In Salah and SBAA Project

Prosernat s.a. (France) / SONATRACH (Algeria)


2394-1 Phase H-Oil & VGO Hydrocracking Complex : Carbon Steel & H.I.C. Vessels

Technip Italy SpA (Italy) / Lukoil Neftokin Burgas AD (Bulgaria)


1st Stage Gas Separators 10-V-2701ABC, TEC Contactors 10-C-2601ABC & Gas Separators 10-V-4801AB

Ρrosernat s.a. (France) / LUKOIL Permneftegazpererabotka, (Russia)


Complete Pressure Vessel-2262

Motor Oil Hellas Korinth Refineries s.a. 



Design, fabrication, inspection and transportation of one vessel V-2262.

Estimated weight : 5,5tns.

Shell, heads material: ASTM A 516 Gr 70, 14mm thickness + 3 mm cladding Monel 400

Drums 3-D-103 & 3-D-100. H.E. 3-E-115, 3-E-105

Hellenic Petroleum s.a.

Elefsis Refinery, Greece


Design, engineering, material supply, fabrication, testing and delivery to Hel.Pe. Elefsis (CDU II & CDU IV Light Engs Section Upgrading Hel.Pe.Elefsis).

Vessels D-1911 & D-1950 for Ulsado Unit Revamping

Hellenic Petroleum s.a.

Thessaloniki Refinery, Greece


Supply of materials, design, fabrication, inspection, testing and delivery of the drums D-1911 Coalescer/Dryer & D-1950 Wash Water Drum.

Pressure Vessels (U-3400, U-3600)

Hellenic Petroleum s.a.

Aspropyrgos Refinery, Greece


Design, material procurement, fabrication, inspection and transportation of vessels

O-3602N_Caustic Prewash

O-3609N_Sand Filter

O-3440_Cold HP Separator

O-3620_Amine Settler

O-3411X_Stripper Overhead Accumulator

ULSADO Heavy Wall Drums D-1902 & D-1903

Hellenic Petroleum s.a. 

Thessaloniki Refinery, Greece


Design, material procurement, fabrication, inspection and transportation of D-1902, D-1903 Heavy wall drums to be installed in Hellenic Petroleum (Thessaloniki Refinery) Ulsado Unit.

Pressure vessels, towers, Heat exchangers for D.O.D.D. & S.W.S. Unit

TECHINT C.T.I. (Italy) / Hellenic Petroleum S.A. – Thessaloniki Refinery (Hellas)



Mechanical calculations, shop drawings, material procurement, fabrication, N.D.T., sandblasting-painting, delivery to site of the Pressure Vessels & Towers T-170/D-176, T-171, D-172, D-173, D-174, D-175, D-177, D-178, D-179/D-180, D-170, D-171, D-912, T-912 and Heat Exchangers No E-170A/B, E-176A/B, E-171, E-173, E-913A/B, E-914. Detailed engineering, fabrication and non destructive testing has been performed under ASME VIII Div. 1, TEMA 'R' & EXXON Basic Practices codes.