Material Range & Grades

The variety of fabrication materials in which EKME is experienced, include carbon steel and low carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty alloys (duplex, incolloy 600/800, hastelloy), copper and nickel alloys, titanium and clad materials.

Material Min.Thk.
(for economical competitivity)
Max. Possible Thk. Min.Weight
(for economical competitivity)
Carbon Steel 10 mm 130 mm 2.5 tns
Low Alloy 10 mm 130 mm 2.5 tns
High Alloy 6 mm 100 mm 2.5 tns


The size/weight limitations applicable to EKME’s Thessaloniki plant production are shown below. For larger items, EKME, in agreement with the Thessaloniki Port Authority (TPA s.a.), utilizes a dedicated area within the port (the Port Assembly Area) where final assembly or modularization works are carried out by EKME’s shop personnel. This allows EKME to deliver even extreme size modules or equipment near the loading dock of the port, from where they can be shipped to final destination.

Max vessel diameter 10m
Max length 80 m @ shop
100 m @ Port Assembly Yard
Maximum plate rolling capacity 130 mm @ 2000mm width
Maximum plate cutting thickness 250mm
Maximum tubesheet drill thickness 350mm
Weight Limit (per single item) 300 ton @ shop
500 tons @ Port Assembly Yard



Production Capacity (annual – single shift)

EKME’s Thessaloniki plant has the following annual capacity, per different product categories. Please note that these figures represent capacity under a single-shift work schedule, therefore they can be increased by the application of a second work-shift.        

Welding Inches Prefabrication: 250.000 inches
Welding Inches Erection: 350.000 inches
Steel Structures Erection: 4.000 tns
Vessels/Columns Fabrication: 1.200 tns
Heat Exchangers:    650 tns
Atmospheric Tanks Fabrication: 2.000 tns
Modular Units: 1.500 tns