The Oil and Gas sector represents the majority of EKME’s operations, both in shop and field related projects. EKME originated from this sector, establishing itself as a mainte- nance contractor in Thessaloniki’s Exxon refinery in 1973. From that point, the company has been continuously serving the industry, always expanding it’s scope of offered services and technological capabilities.

Nowadays EKME is a trusted supplier and contractor of the Oil and Gas Industry, emphasizing the establishment of long- term co-operations with our clients, who value EKME for its commitment, reliability and responsiveness to all their needs.

The range of projects undertaken by the company throughout it’s history fall into the following major fields:

Erection of complete Process Units + Revamping / Upgrading of Existing Units
Crude Distillation, FCC, Demineralization Unit, Desulphuri- zation Unit, Ultra Low Desulphurization Diesel Oil Unit, Power Former, TAME, Isomerization units, PP Splitter units, Methanol Extraction, Feed, D.O.D.D. , Sulphur recovery units, Hydrogen, Plant / Instrument Air Unit, Steam Generation, Fuel Oil, Fuel Gas, Flare Unit, Sulphur Handling Unit, Condensate Recovery Unit, Anime Unit, Sour Water Unit, Cooling Tower Unit, Catalyst Reformer (CCR).

Design And Built of Complete Fuel Storage and Loading Facilities (Petroleum, Fuel, LPG)
EKME has long been regarded as a leading storage tank fabricator and erector in the Greek market. With over 70 tanks erected and over 50 serviced in the past 30 years, (all to API or EXXON standards) the accumulated know-how and exper- tise allows us to consider tank erection as one of the strong- est points of our erection activities. Tanks erected include fixed & floating roof, without size limitation.

Installation of Pipelines
Pipelines for petroleum, gas, petrochem and chemicals have been constructed by EKME. Construction of residential gas distribution networks is also part of EKME’s scope.

Maintenance (including offshore facilities)
EKME has been a permanent contractor for the maintenance of all Greek refineries for over 40 years. Undertaking projects within production units means that work is frequently carried out with the industry operating, a condition that causes for alertness, understanding the technical parameters and inten- sive precautions taken.

In addition EKME is the only greek company with extensive experience in the maintenance of offshore oil rigs.